Episode 1

Bibi Blocksberg - Die Serie

  • DE 1999
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Bibi Blocksberg is a cheerful and cheeky young girl. There is something special about her: It’s witchcraft! Flying and rushing around on her magic broom called “Kartoffelbrei” she is always involved in fantastic adventures. Whenever Bibi Blocksberg is challenged to use her special talents – witchcraft and human intellect – everything comes to a good end.
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Bibi Blocksberg

The black Cat

Bibi wants a pet. But her mother Barbara is strictly against it. “Animals only make dirt and... zur Folge
Folge 1 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Weatherfrog

'Ferdinand“ is the name Bibi and Marita give to the mysterious little frog that they find in... zur Folge
Folge 2 / Bibi Blocksberg

Bibi the Princess

What’s the matter with Bibi? She is acting like a princess. But it isn’t a game; it’s a... zur Folge
Folge 3 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Babysitter

Bibi is allowed to look after a neighbor’s twins. Because the babies’ screams begin to get on... zur Folge
Folge 5 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Super Spell

The school yard isn’t going to be enlarged, there’s no traffic light in front of the school and... zur Folge
Folge 6 / Bibi Blocksberg

In The Jungle

Using a secret spell Bibi and her friend Moni land in the jungle. Bibi doesn’t know the return... zur Folge
Folge 7 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Dinosaur Egg

Bibi and Florian are playing in the quarry with Dino. Some time ago he had been brought alive... zur Folge
Folge 8 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Vampires

Bernard Blocksberg loves vampire films. When he is given a surprise trip to Transylvania as a... zur Folge
Folge 9 / Bibi Blocksberg

Where is Apple Pie

What an emergency landing! Bibi on her broom Apple Pie zooms with a crash through the kitchen... zur Folge
Folge 10 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Flying Race

Carla Caramba organizes a grand flying race. Naturally Bibi wants to take part. Also joining in... zur Folge
Folge 11 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Math Disease

To avoid a math test, Bibi pretends to be ill. She casts a spell to make her face brightly... zur Folge
Folge 12 / Bibi Blocksberg

The New School

Bibi’s school is in a terrible state: the plaster is crumbling, the windows are loose and the... zur Folge
Folge 13 / Bibi Blocksberg

In The Orient

The rising price of gas causes the Mayor to travel to the oil producing country Kaleidostan.... zur Folge
Folge 14 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Three Santas

Marita doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. Bibi plans to prove her wrong with a look into mom’s... zur Folge
Folge 15 / Bibi Blocksberg

Bibi's First Crush

During Mrs. Miller-Meanymac’s math class there’s a knock at the door. It’s Joaquin, a new pupil... zur Folge
Folge 16 / Bibi Blocksberg

Lets Do It Without Magic

Bibi uses magic during a game of chase. This makes Florian and Marita angry. Bibi wants to... zur Folge
Folge 17 / Bibi Blocksberg

The White Cockatoo

Bibi, Sheba and Flowipowi haven’t learned their spells for their witchcraft lessons with old... zur Folge
Folge 18 / Bibi Blocksberg

Prince The Super Poodle

Bibi is thrilled with a book about Prince the super Poodle. He’d be able to help her with her... zur Folge
Folge 19 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Enchanted Dromedary

A white dromedary is standing in Barbara’s rose bed. Father Bernard allows Bibi to conjure up... zur Folge
Folge 21 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Magic Ban

Bibi uses a spell to bring her parents luck in the lottery and they really do win! But suddenly... zur Folge